MADE IN THE UK

125g Pure Wool Cones

We are based in Saddleworth, in the heart of the Pennine hills, the backbone of England. We pride ourselves in keeping to age-old techniques, to create sustainable and enduring products from the finest quality British wool.

British Wool Board accredited – finest quality pure British worsted wool, natural and top dyed colours. We ensure the correct micron (31-33), fibre, length and crimp at all times. Available in 48 colours, this range is our largest and allows you to find your perfect shade.

This range includes 4 neon shades: Fandango Pink, Lava Orange, Nitro Green and Zest Yellow. These are ideal for adding a contrasting accent to your projects and are of course 100% British wool.

Our 4 ply yarn, otherwise known as Sport weight, falls into the ‘fine’ category of yarn weights, making it ideal for knitting socks, lace work, babywear and fine knits. It is ideal for machine knitting but can also be hand knitted with 3.25mm knitting needles or a 3mm crochet hook. However, as always, this 4 ply yarn can also be held double to create a DK weight.

What can I make with it? This durable range is ideal for either weaving, machine knitting, hand knitting and crochet. Find our knitted patterns here.

All Woolyknit wools are sourced from regions of the world where the process of mulesing is not carried out.


125g Wool Cones for £5

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