8 Neon Yarn Projects to Make This Month

Aug 2020

Here at Woolyknit we love a little bit of neon yarn to brighten up these questionable British Summer days. Our neon British Wool range is created using 100% finest quality pure British Wool and is perfect for weaving and knitting. Available in 4 colours, Fandango Pink, Lava Orange, Nitro Green and Zest Yellow, this range is ideal for adding a contrast accent to your garments or for going all out on full neon creations.

Or if you prefer to knit using acrylic wool, our brand new Acrylic 4Ply range features lots of bright colours as well as a fluorescent orange and a fluorescent yellow.

Today we’re listing our top 8 neon yarn projects that are giving us all the neon inspiration that we need – from weaving to pompom making to crocheting, there’s something for every type of crafter and every skill level.


  1. These neon crochet granny squares are a perfect beginner crochet project. We love the combination of the pink, orange and green! You can find a video tutorial for these here. If you’d like to recreate these bright granny squares, our 4ply 100% British Wool neon range is perfect.


2. We love combining our neon range with grey tones, just like these adorable baby socks. Our neon yarns will add a zing of colour to any project. Our brand new 4ply Acrylic range is perfect for baby garments as they’re super soft and machine washable. The range includes lots of rich bright colours and fluorescent shades as well as the perfect light grey to pair them with. 


3. Whilst these crochet cactus plants in particular aren’t neon, we think that with the addition of neon yarn for the flowers, they would make a perfect addition to your kitchen windowsill. Or go all out and use neon green as well! Get the pattern here.


4. These pom poms earrings by Neon Tea Party are gorgeous and are the perfect way to add a bit of colour to your outfit (and show off your incredible pom pom making skills). The colour combination options are endless and we’d love to try making some in a leopard pattern! Find the video tutorial here.


5. This macramé plant hanger tutorial is perfect for anyone who became particularly green-fingered during lockdown. These would look great in a conservatory or hanging near windows filled with all your plant children. Why not combine different colours of yarn or add pom poms to the end!


6. We’ve never tried using a pin loom before but we’re desperate to try it out with this tutorial for pin loom coasters! These look really simple to make and our Nylon range would make the perfect sturdy base for you to add the neon yarn to. The strength and durability of our British wool range would make it the perfect choice for this project.

7. Made by one of our Woolyknit team using our neon British wool in shade Fandango Pink, we love the mix of neon and muted tones in this pom pom and tassel wall hanging. The British Wool range is perfect for making tassels and pom poms and is so easy to work with! 


8. These neon rope baskets are a great way to add a subtle touch of neon to your home. Make them as big or as small as you like and fill them with pencils, knitting needles or your wool stash…if you can make one big enough! The neon British Wool range would be ideal for this project, just double it up to make thicker stripes. Find a video tutorial here.

We’d love to see your neon creations! Remember to tag us on Instagram using @Woolyknit when you post your amazing photos.

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