Your Wooly Knits: October

Oct 2020

We always love to see what our Woolyknitters have been creating using our yarn, so we’ve decided to share your amazing creations here on our blog in our new series ‘Your Wooly Knits’! If you want your project to be featured next month, make sure you tag us on Instagram using @Woolyknit or use the hashtag #Woolyknit.

Sheila Kimberley

How beautiful is this wrap! Sheila used some of the deep coral 75% mohair in this wrap to give it the lift that it needed. The other yarns were shades of pale coral without depth and adding this in really brought it to life.


We love seeing your Woolyknit creations! If you’d like to be featured in our next ‘Your Wooly Knits’ edit, make sure you send us a photo of your project on Instagram or tag us using @Woolyknit.

Your Wooly Knits: September


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