Woolyknit Mindful Maker Challenge

Apr 2021

The Woolyknit team are very excited to announce that this month we are hosting an Instagram challenge for all of our Woolyknitters!

The aim of our #WoolyknitMindfulMaker challenge is to promote the value of mindful making and the importance of investing time in ourselves.

Starting on Monday 19th April, there will be a prompt each day of the week for you to share your makes and the value of mindful making. We’re hoping that this challenge will spread a bit of positivity, give people a chance to meet new makers in the community, and encourage us all to prioritise our mental wellbeing.

Make sure you share these prompts with all of your creative friends (not just knitters and crocheters) and remember to use the hashtag #WoolyknitMindfulMaker so that we can all see each other’s posts! 

Let us know in the comments if you’re excited to take part!

Find the prompts below and on our Instagram page.

Monday 19th April – INSPIRATION

Find something (or a collection of things) that inspires your projects and share a photo of it!

Tuesday 20th April – ORGANISED STASH

Why not spend a bit of time making your stash look pretty and organised today? We’d love to see a before and after!

Wednesday 21st April – WORK IN PROGRESS

What are you working on at the minute?  

Thursday 22nd April – RECENTLY FINISHED

Today is a great day to finish that project you’ve been putting off. Show us a photo of a project that you’ve finished recently.

Friday 23rd April – FUTURE PROJECTS

What ideas do you have for future knitting/weaving/crochet projects? Why not write down each of your ideas and put them in a jar to pick from? Show us your list/jar of ideas or a pile of wool with potential.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out all of our free patterns on our blog. Our wearable patterns are also available to download instantly, and you can find them here.

Saturday 24th April – GO WALK ABOUT

Knitting is great for your mental health but so is plenty of fresh air! Try to get outside today, whether that’s spending a bit of time in the garden working on a craft project or going for a long walk.

Sunday 25th April – DIGITAL DETOX

Remember to take breaks from social media – we don’t want to see any posts today!


Using knitting, crochet and weaving is such a good way to look after your mental health. Remember to prioritise looking after yourself and spend next week making connections with new makers in the Woolyknit community. 

Make sure you share this challenge with all of your creative friends and remember to use the hashtag #WoolyknitMindfulMaker so that we can all see each other’s posts! 

Leave a comment below if you’ll be taking part. We can’t wait to see your photos!


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