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An Introduction to arm-knitting

Arm-knitting is a fantastic technique without the need for needles. This on-trend chunky style is the perfect past-time for those cold evenings creating cosy blankets to snuggle up in to.


First things first, you need some wool. Try to go for full-bodied yarn to create the desired effect. You can combine strands together for an even chunkier finish. Depending on the thickness of your wool and the scale of your project we would usually recommend 2kg of wool tops for a blanket which would cover 1/3 of a double bed. The tension of the fabric is created by the size of your arms. Larger stitches mean that you’re able to create large scale projects in just a matter of hours.


Cast the first stitch on to your forearm using the long-tail method. Use your hands to work through the stitches to create loops. Continue passing the stitches between your arms. Unlike knitting with needles, there is no turning of your work, simply change to the opposite direction on your arms.


Arm knitting is not just for blankets. Scarves, cowls and shrugs are all great examples of how arm knitting is a versatile way of creating beautiful projects.



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