MADE IN THE UK

British Wool Cones

Fine worsted Spinners. An original palette brought to you by a family run business. We are based in Saddleworth, in the heart of the Pennine hills, the backbone of England. We pride ourselves in keeping to age-old techniques, to create sustainable and enduring products from the finest quality British wool.

British Wool Board accredited – finest quality pure British worsted wool, natural and top dyed colours. We ensure the correct micron (31-33), fibre, length and crimp at all times. Available in 48 colours, this range is our largest and allows you to find your perfect shade.

This range includes 4 neon shades: Fandango Pink, Lava Orange, Nitro Green and Zest Yellow. These are ideal for adding a contrasting accent to your projects and are of course 100% British wool.

All Woolyknit wools are sourced from regions of the world where the process of mulesing is not carried out.

What can I make with it? This durable range is ideal for either weaving, machine knitting, hand knitting and crochet. Find our knitted patterns here.

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