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Christmas is not just all about crafted gifts, it’s about the decorations too.

With only a matter of days to go, the countdown is on.

We’ve got our tree up, twinkly lights sparkling in the windows and the mulled wine simmering away. When we were thinking about decorations, we knew we wanted to get hands on and we thought that our lovely community of knitters might want to as well. So, to help you out we’ve compiled a list of 5 crafty decorations to get you started and provide inspiration.


Knitted Trees  

Such a lovely little decoration, knitted trees are super versatile. Not only do they look lovely on their own, they can be used to form tree wreaths, snow scenes and baubles. Decorate with sequins to add extra festive sparkle and combine green and white yarn to create a snow topped effect.


PomPom Wreath

PomPoms are a great starting craft because they’re so easy to make and you can even use a fork for ultimate pompom making ease. Depending on the size of your wreath and your pompoms, we recommend making around 20. These wreaths can be small to adorn your tree or large to hang on your door. We love this craft idea because there’s so much choice when it comes to size and colour and they are ideal for people new to crafting.


Christmas festive scene hot chocolate

Mini Mittens

Curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea, a good film andsome lovely lightweight yarn. What could be better? We’re completely in love with tiny mittens and they look lovely as tree decorations. These are definitely a project for intermediate knitters as you’ll be using double pointed needles, but if you can master these, then you’ll have decorations you can enjoy for years to come.


String Starbursts

String starbursts make a gorgeous and rustic tree decoration. Tracing a circle about half an inch smaller than a slice of circular birch wood, mark eight evenly spaced points around the circle and insert small nails. Begin wrapping cotton or (depending on the size of your wood) a lightweight yarn around the nails making square and star shapes. Attach a small hook or loop of fabric to the top of the wood, and you’ve got a gorgeous hand-crafted decoration. Top tip: combine several colours to make this look really festive.


Knitted Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings are a great festive decoration. You can scale your stocking up to house little gifts or shrink it down to use on the tree. There’s so much choice when it comes to colour and embroidery and they’re a great craft for cold winter nights.


We hope you like our list of crafted decorations. Which will you be making? As always, tag us in your crafts! We love seeing what our lovely followers are creating.


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