MADE IN THE UK


Do I need to be VAT registered to become a wholesalers?

No we need to do is verify that you have a legitimate business and then you will be accepted into the Woolyknit Wholesale Family.


Do any of the yarns you obtain come from sheep that have been treated to mulesing?

No, Woolyknit only purchases wool from areas of the world that mulesing is not practiced at all.


Which wool shows will you be visiting next year?

We love meeting all our customers up and down the UK so we can’t wait until we can come and see you all at shows. 


Can I just buy the amount of balls of wool I want rather than in pre-packaged bundles?

Yes of course you can! Although the bundles are cheaper to purchase than single balls it is possible to shop separately too!


Are any of your yarns suitable for dying? 

Yes! We have a whole section dedicated to those of you who like to dye your own yarn! We have lots of different types of yarns to choose from too! Click here to be taken straight to our dyers page.  

What Micron are your British and Merino Wool?

The micron on our Merino Wool cone is 22-24.5. Whereas our British range is 31- 33 micron!

If you require more information about this topic or any other please fill out our Contact Form here and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

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