MADE IN THE UK

HB Acrylic Cones 4 PLY

The newest addition to our Yarn2Cone collection is a 4ply acrylic yarn, perfect for all projects. This rich synthetic yarn is practical, machine washable and holds the colour well. Making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or who prefer an alternative to natural wool. The HB acrylic wool range is durable, high quality and great value for money with a range of 49 colours.

This 4 ply yarn, otherwise known as Sport weight, falls into the ‘fine’ category of yarn weights, making it ideal for knitting socks, lace work, babywear and fine knits. It is great for machine knitting but can also be hand knitted with 3.25mm knitting needles or a 3mm crochet hook. However, as always, this 4 ply yarn can also be held double to create a DK weight.

What can I make with it? This versatile wool is perfect for weaving, knitting and machine knitting into any structure and style. 

What weight is this yarn? 1 end knits to 4ply weight, 2 ends knit to DK weight

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