So, you want to know about crochet (an introduction)…

Crochet guru Sandra can’t remember a time she didn’t knit. She learnt to crochet using books on three separate occasions, unfortunately because she didn’t practice regularly she forgot each time! The forth time she was taught in person and practiced daily, making her somewhat of an expert now!

Sandra quickly realized that some common terms translated differently between American and English, causing confusion. Her biggest tip for all those wishing to learn crochet is to pick a single style and stick with it! Books and tutorials are a great way to get started but learning from someone who has a lot of experience is the best. Sandra’s advice is, “Don’t be afraid to ask.”

Sandra now makes a variety of items; blankets, waistcoats, cushion covers and the ever-popular crochet shawl. So here are her top tips for those just beginning, or those wanting to get better:

To get started, you’ll need crochet hooks and wool. Sandra recommends a thicker, paler wool which is easier to see and handle while you’re learning.

It’s quite common that some people can crochet but can’t read patterns. This is something which Woolyknit can help with as their one-to-one lessons can help people of all abilities. “I love showing people how to crochet and get them going with it,” says Sandra.

She stresses the importance of having confidence in your abilities. “Some patterns can have errors and you have to look at your work and trust yourself.” Crocheting is totally different to knitting and it’s great because it’s easier to carry around and is also simpler if correcting any mistakes.


Why not pop into the Woolyknit shop? We’re a friendly bunch and will be able to help you get started.