Copper Brown Nylon 200g Wool

200g Cones

This vibrant wool nylon blend is made with 90% merino wool and 10% denier nylon. Manufactured with an extra twist to make this a strong and durable classic, this range is available in 28 colours and is ideal for multiple purposes. Spun as a 3ply for perfect roundness and strength it is perfect for weaving, tapestry or sock weight knitting. The Nylon Wool cones are incredibly versatile when combined with other yarns.

This yarn is perfect for sock knitting, you can find our Sole Mate Socks pattern here.

What can I make with it? This strong yarn is perfect for weaving, tapestry, and sock weight knitting.

What weight is this yarn? 1 end knits to 3ply weight

Approximate Meterage is 720 for 200g cones.


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