Jet Black British Wool Cone

Fine worsted Spinners. An original palette brought to you by a family run business. We are based in Saddleworth, in the heart of the Pennine hills, the backbone of England. We pride ourselves in keeping to age-old techniques, to create sustainable and enduring products from the finest quality British wool.

British Wool Board accredited – finest quality pure British worsted wool, natural and top dyed colours. We ensure the correct micron (31-33), fibre, length and crimp at all times. Available in 48 colours, this range is our largest and allows you to find your perfect shade.

This range includes 4 neon shades: Fandango Pink, Lava Orange, Nitro Green and Zest Yellow. These are ideal for adding a contrasting accent to your projects and are of course 100% British wool.

What can I make with it? This durable range is ideal for either weaving, machine knitting, hand knitting and crochet. Find our knitted patterns here.

  • 500g cone
  • 2 end knits to DK weight
  • 1 end knits to 4ply weight
  • Approximate meterage: 2350 metres for 500g cones
  • Metric count: 2/9.3NM

Handwash or 30 ® machine wash on wool cycle

Do not rub or hand wring


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Our range includes natural undyed colours, spun using the original colours of the British wool pure breeds. The responsibly sourced wool we use in our luxurious yarn is grown on sheep which have historically roamed freely on the fells and downs of the British Isles for well over 2000 years.

The necessary process of shearing the sheep of its wool fleece is carried out in the spring months. It is an essential act of good farming husbandry which helps clear the animal of any potential damaging infections such as blow flystrike, it also helps to keep the sheep cool during the summer months yielding between 3-6kg per animal.

Wool is a naturally occurring product, making wool yarn and the garments made from it, an ecologically friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable quality item, which if treated correctly will reward the wearer with many years of loyalty and comfort.

When our partners are dyeing our wool, they are fully in compliance with REACH-Ordinance (EC) No.1907/2006, whilst also achieving the above standard they are accredited to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 norm.


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“We pride ourselves in keeping to age-old techniques, to create sustainable and enduring products from the finest quality .” – Roger Shepley 

If you ever find yourself needing a little more assistance you can contact us via email at or give us a call on 01457 879400. We are always available on social media too, give us a message and we will get back to you with your wool questions as soon as we can whether it’s about our British Wool, Merino Wool or even our Acrylic. Our in-house knitter can also help with any knitting patterns, even our free patterns

We always love to see what our Woolyknitters have been creating using our yarn, so each month we love to share your amazing creations here on our blog in our series ‘Your Wooly Knits’! If you want your project to be featured next month, make sure you tag us on Instagram using @Woolyknit or use the hashtag #Woolyknit.

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