Rainbow Of Unity

When you go outside for your daily exercise, you may have noticed that a large number of homes having the rainbow of unity stuck in their windows. These brightly coloured pictures have now become symbols that send messages to all those who see them ‘we are all in this together’. Schoolchildren up and down the country started the trend when their teachers gave them an at-home art activity. As a result, the rainbow of unity is there to symbolize joy and positivity and spread happiness to the people that see them. Many read ‘Stay Safe and Keep Smiling’ and ‘We Love our NHS’. These rainbows can now be seen as an international symbol of hope around the world with families in the USA, Italy and Canada all get involved. We want to join the campaign and help spread joy and happiness the one way we know-how…

Through Knitting!

We are joining the Rainbow Campaign and we want you to help us! So, below you can find links to different knitting patterns that we think are easy to follow and use! One of our very own Wooly Knitters has even made an online tutorial to create rainbow felted soap, kid-friendly and proactive:

10 Step Guide To Make Your Own Rainbow Soap

  1.  Wrap the Wool Top around the block of soap in the colours of your choice, on our video, we decided to choose the rainbow of unity colours.
  2. When wrapping the soap try not to spread the rovings too thin, you can overlap the different colours
  3. Place your hand inside the nylon stocking so it is covered up to your wrist.
  4. Pick up the soap with your stocking covered hand. Then pull the stocking off your hand and over the soap. You should now have the soap covered in Wool tops safely inside the nylon stocking.
  5. You wrap the rest of the nylon stocking around the soap so it cannot move position.
  6. You then pull the open end of the stocking over the soap to secure everything in place around the soap and the wool tops.
  7. Switching between both hot and cold water, you pour both over the soap and rub all the way around the soap, wool tops and stocking. Just as if you were washing your hands. At this point, if the stocking starts to come apart slightly that is ok the wool is still secure within the stocking.
  8. Continue this for about 10 minutes, rubbing the soap all around in every direction using a mixture of both hot and cold water. At this point, there should be some soapy water excess around your stocking, wash this off before finishing.
  9. It is then time to remove the soap from the stocking. Be careful when removing the wool tops/soap from the stockings as the stocking can sometimes be stuck to the wool, if you are careful and slow the stocking should peel away nice and easily.
  10. Once the soap is out of the stocking then rinse the soap and leave on the side to dry. It can take up to 2 days to dry fully

Check out our new exclusive Rainbow Yarn page where you can find all the different coloured Aran yarn and Wool Tops that you need to make your own rainbow!  


*We will be using this link to donate specifically to help the NHS cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would also like to donate yourself, please do so using this link.


All rainbow yarns and wool tops below are included in our Chase the Rainbow Campaign. For each order of these colours we will give 10% to the NHS to help fight Covid-19.

Our Favourite Free Online Rainbow Knitting Patterns:

Rainbow pattern with decorative clouds:

This pattern can be found on the amazing ‘Fitting In Knitting’ blog. It has a brand new FREE updated pattern and is perfect for beginners and advanced alike.







The links below are all for the same pattern but are for different sizes depending on how adventurous you are feeling!

Large Rainbow Here.

Medium Rainbow Here.

Small Rainbow Here.

Or if you have made your own rainbow and would like to show us please tag us on social media as we would love to see them and share the positivity with our followers. Use the hashtag #Woolyknit In the meantime, Stay Safe and Keep Smiling! If you would like to follow the

Woolyknit journey, then please check out our social Media Pages:



Below is the list of items we will be giving 10% of all sales to the NHS:

Vibrant Red Aran Wool and Merino Wool Tops,

Sunshine Yellow Aran Wool and Merino Wool Tops,

Deep Purple Aran Wool and Merino Wool Tops,

Tangerine Orange Aran Wool and Merino Wool Tops,

Denim Blue Aran Wool and Turquoise Merino Wool Tops,

Pink Blush Aran Wool and Merino Wool Tops,

Luscious Green Aran Wool and Merino Wool Tops.